How do I change a domains contact information?

Changing your domains name servers is an easy task, you first need to be logged into your client area

Article in:

Once logged in you need to select from the menu >> Domains >> My Domains

You will now see a list of your domains, select the one you want by clicking the green Active button at the end of the domains line.

On the next page you will see a manage menu on the left hand side, click “Contact Information”

You will now be able to see the current contact information for your domain and make any changes you require to the registrant, billing and technical contacts

Once you have made your changes click “Save Changes”

Please Note: –

If you update the contact first/last name and or the email address for your domain you will be sent an email from the registry to confirm your email address, you must confirm it or your domain will be suspended by the registry the 7th day after your change.

Making any changes to contact information will lock the domain for 60 days during which time the domain cannot be transferred to another provider.

Does your domain end with .uk?

This article does not apply to domains ending .uk as these have a different process for transfer of registrant and contact information, to change these details please open a ticket for these changes HERE with a subject of “Domain Contact Information Change” please provide as much description of your request as possible including the domain(s) it relates to.