How do I transfer my domain to another provider?

Transferring your domain to another provider involves obtaining your domains EPP code and removing the domains transfer lock.

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Important Note This information DOES NOT apply to the following domains .uk

To see how to transfer those domain types to another provider please see this article HERE

You first need to be logged into your client area

Once logged in you need to select from the menu >> Domains >> My Domains

You will now see a list of your domains, select the one you want by clicking the spanner icon at the end of the domains line.

On the next page you will see a manage menu on the left hand side, click “Registrar Lock”

You will now be able to see your registrar lock status which needs to be Disabled for a transfer to be able to occur.

If the lock status is Enabled then click “Disable Registrar Lock”*

*Please Note If you change your mind about the transfer at any point then Enabling the lock again will prevent a transfer as long as it has not already taken place.

Once you have disabled the lock you can now click “Get EPP Code” from the menu on the left.

You should see “The EPP Code request was successful! It has been sent to the registrant email address for your domain.”

Please check the registrant email address for the EPP Code.

Once you have the code and the domain is unlocked you can then place a transfer in order at your new provider**

**Please Note Once you place the order at your new provider all enquiries as to how the transfer is progressing need to be directed at your new provider as we do not have any visibility of the status.