How do I transfer domain name(s) ending .UK to PAC?

This information below applies ONLY to the following domain types .uk for all other domain types please see this article HERE

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Transferring your domain to PAC is easy

You first need to visit our domain transfer in page HERE

Once there enter the domain name you would like to transfer in and click “Add to Basket” without entering anything in the “EPP / Auth Code” field as they are not relevant for this type of domain.

On the next page click “Continue” ignoring the information in the nameserver fields as the domain will transfer to PAC keeping the nameservers it has at the point of transfer.

You are now at the “Review & Checkout” page, If you would like to transfer any more domains then click “Transfer in a Domain” in the left hand menu and repeat the process until you have enter all domains to transfer*

Once you have all the domains entered that you want to transfer and you are back at the “Review & Checkout” page now click “Checkout” and follow the checkout procedure, if you already have an account with us you can login or if not you will create an account during the checkout process.**

*Please Note If any of the other domains you would like to transfer ARE NOT of the type .uk you can find that process HERE

**Please Note Once you have completed checkout the next steps for domain types ending .uk is to change the domains IPS TAG at the current provider to our IPS TAG which is PACHOSTING once you do this the domain will be transferred to PAC and we will send you an email to let you know we have received it within an hour after we receive it.

Additional information You can check a domains IPS TAG live by going to this link HEREand entering your domain name to see if your current provider has updated the IPS TAG for you, if the IPS TAG still shows the provider you are transferring from please contact them again as they have not changed it.