How do I log into my Website Hosting cPanel account?

There are two ways to log into cPanel with PAC.

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** If you have one of our website hosting packages please use option 1 as it is the quickest and easiest.

Option 1.

The simplest way is to login to your client area HERE

Then, from the menu bar, click Services >> My Services and then click on the green “Active” button on the line of the service for your cPanel account.

You will then see lots of tasks you can do from your client area. For example, there are lots of cPanel quick shortcuts e.g. quick create an email address.

In the actions menu on the left you will see a “Login to cPanel” link. Click this link to log into your cPanel directly.

Option 2.

The other way to log into cPanel is to go to This will redirect to your cPanel login page where you will need to enter your cPanel username and password.

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