How do I get the free SSL certificates for my domains?

Our systems will issue the free Let's Encryptâ„¢ certificates automatically however for this to happen your domain has to be pointing towards our services.

Article in:

If your domain is not pointing to our services then the free SSL cannot be issued.

Once your domain is pointing to our services then the free SSL will be issued overnight.

What can I do?

If you cannot wait for our system to check overnight you can ask our system to do a manual Auto SSL check at any time by following the instructions below: –

1, Log into your cPanel account, then navigate to the SECURITY section and click on SSL/TLS Status within it.

2, Once in there you will see a button marked “Run Auto SSL” please click it.

This will now go away and do the necessary checks and if all well will issue and install the SSL, this can take a few minutes and the screen will refresh when it is done.

Useful information: –

If you went to the domain in a browser window and it gave you an SSL warning and you have then ran Auto SSL but you are still getting the SSL warning after that please try a different browser.

Browsers can cache the SSL sometimes so even if it is issued it may still use the wrong one for some time before it checks again but trying a different browser will allow you to see it is working.