How do I allow others access to my client area?

With your client area account you have a main login that is in total control, receives all emails and is also able to do all tasks within the client area.

This is the account that you created when you first signed up with PAC, it is your master account.

In your client area account you can also create users and assign them various permissions to be able to carry out tasks you may need them to do.

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Why would I need to create an additional user account?

If you have an accounts department that needs to receive invoices you can set them as a user just to receive invoices, or as a user to be able to view and pay invoices.

Maybe you have a web developer or an internal IT department that needs to log in and raise support tickets and/or update your domains etc. In this case you would create a user account for them and set the necessary permissions.

How do I do it?

Visit this link

Now enter the email address of the person you would like to add as a user.

Next choose either Full Permissions (which is full access to your client area) or more likely Select Permissions which allows you to give just the permissions the user will need and is a safer option.

Then click “Send Invite” which sends them an invite to open a client area account of their own which will have access to the permissions you have granted in yours. If they already have a client area account then you can still invite them it will just mean they can select from all the accounts they have access to.

You can check the status of an invite and manage the permissions by using the link above or once logged into your client area clicking the dropdown where it says “Hello YOURNAME!” and then clicking User Management.

Important information:

It is very important to grant new users only the permissions that are required for them to perform their function and also to regularly maintain your user list and remove any permissions or users as required.