How do I change my client area password?

Need to change your login password?

*** If you are unable to login and need to reset your password please see this article instead HERE ***

If you are wanting to change your client area password you can do this easily by simply following the steps below.

First you need to login to the client area HERE

Once you have logged in you will see your name and a dropdown arrow as shown.

Click the dropdown arrow to expand the menu.

Within the menu if you select “Change Password”

This will now take you to the change password page.

Now proceed to fill out the form with the required information.

First enter your existing password.

Then enter the required new password and confirm it in the confirm new password box.

You can also have one generated for you by clicking “Generate Password”

Once done click “Save Changes”


As you enter your new password a darker blue bar will appear above the password tips box.

The further along the dark blue bar goes as you enter the password the stronger it is.

Please try to make your password as secure as possible and do not re-use passwords you use elsewhere.

Once you have done that you have now successfully changed your password.

Please use the new password on your next login.