How do I make my WordPress website use https so it uses an SSL certificate and stops displaying warnings in a browser?

When you change your Wordpress site url to https:// from http:// via Settings>>General, it moves the website url to https:// but more often than not it will still display insecure in the browser window due to the way Wordpress references images and other content such as CSS which means it still references them using http:// which will break the Secure status in a browser.

Solving this used to involve updating all your images so they would be stored using https:// and often also editing theme files where http:// was hard coded into the theme for items such as fonts etc.

The good news is it is now very straightforward to sort this out!

What can I do?

We have a guide which takes you through the steps to take to successfully convert your WordPress website to https:// and show “Secure” in a browser.

You can read this guide HERE

Useful information: –

Follow the guide in its entirety step by step!

If you use PAC for your hosting then you will already have a free Lets Encryptâ„¢ SSL certificate so this will work right away for you, If you use another host please check with them that you have an SSL certificate available!