How to install the Litespeed addon for WordPress?

We use Litespeed web server rather than Apache for all our Website Hosting Plans as it is a fully compatible commercial alternative with advanced caching capabilities and a whole range of other benefits over Apache alone for example HTTP2, QUIC, TLS 1.3, Brotli Compression, Intelligent Caching and much more!

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One such feature is the caching abilities available for WordPress via the Litespeed addon module, you can read about this in more depth HERE

How do I install it?

Installing is easy and it will deliver superb benefits for your WordPress site right out of the box with no further configuration required although dig a little deeper and you can do much more.

To get started first log into WordPress dashboard.

Once logged in click Plugins then “Add New” as shown below: –

Now in the keyword box type Litespeed as shown below, then when Litespeed is returned in the box below click on “Install Now” as shown below: –

Once it has installed click “Activate” as shown below: –

Once it has activated that’s all you need to do and you will now benefit from Litespeed WordPress caching!

You can now find Litespeed cache in the dashboard menu on the left as shown: –

Useful Information

If you have any other WordPress caching solution disable it before adding Litespeed cache plugin.

All Website hosting packages with PAC are able to use Litespeed and this plugin will not work without it so if you do not host with PAC please check with your provider first!

This plugin will give you many benefits right away without anything further being done but it does also have a lot of further configuration you can do.