cPanel Update: Missing addon, alias and sub domains

This cPanel update to version 106 sees the removal of some long used functionality.

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On a lot of peoples lips today will be where on earth has that icon gone?! How do I add a domain to my cPanel account now?


During this cPanel update, they decided to clean things up a touch and removed the familiar addon domain, subdomain, and alias domain icons.

There is no doubt this is going to leave people pretty confused!


As confusing as it may seem to suddenly be missing icons that you may have used for sometime all is not lost.

cPanel have been doing some tidying and have decided to move the addon, alias and sub domain functionality into one icon.

This icon has been there for sometime now and is pretty useful to get an overview of all three of these items in one handy place.

Step forward the simply titled but aptly named “Domains” functionality!

You will find this in the Domains section of your cPanel, it has been there for sometime now just waiting for it’s day!

So when you are looking to add that new domain into your UK Hosting this is now the place to do it.

Once you click on the Domains icon you are presented with a list of your current domains and subdomains.

To add a new domain you simply click create a new domain

On the next page you just add the domain exactly how you would like it to be added.

Select an option from the prompts and then simply Submit.

Now it is added for you.

Sometimes change is not a good thing however this makes it a much cleaner process and avoids the confusion of addon, alias and sub domain.

You also see the whole picture from one handy area rather than 3!

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