cPanel Removes Horde Webmail!

cPanel version 108 sees Horde removed here is what you need to know

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Although tempting it may be to panic if you are an avid user of Horde… cPanel have it covered!

Don’t panic! But….

When cPanel v108 arrives Horde will no longer be available!

So you are likely thinking well that’s going to be a complete nightmare..

What about my contacts?

Hang on what about my emails?!

And don’t even get me started on my calendar!

At this point it might be a good idea to ask yourself is it Horde or Roundcube I use when I log into webmail?

If it is Horde then read on for some reassuring information about this.

If you use Roundcube then you no longer need to read any further unless you’re just curious.

cPanel have advised the reason for this removal is that Horde relies on PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 reaches end of life this year on November the 28th 2022 and cPanel have made the decision to discontinue its use.

Thankfully as with most things cPanel always think about the implications of big changes like this!

Which means they have a plan in place.

At the point of the removal of Horde all data will be migrated to Roundcube webmail.

After Horde is removed the only webmail option will be Roundcube and you will find all your data within there after Horde is removed.

To begin with Roundcube is going to look and feel different but…

It is a very competent webmail program and we are confident you will like it.

You can read a bit about Roundcube and webmail at the cPanel documentation HERE

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