How to speedup a WordPress Website – Part 3

Step 3 Instructing Browsers To Cache Static Files

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Optimising Website Images With Litespeed – (Step Two) — Setup The Litespeed Cache Crawler – (Step Four)

To be able to complete this step you must at the very least complete step one to install the Litespeed plugin into WordPress!

As this is part of a series of steps we recommend you move through the steps one by one to get the most benefit.

In step two you learnt how to easily optimise your images so that your web pages with images load quicker as there file size is smaller.

In this step you can build further on that by telling your visitors browsers to keep a copy (cache) of your static files.

What this means is your static images and items will be saved locally on your visitors computer for a predetermined amount of time.

After which your visitors browser will request fresh copies.

So as they go through your website and also when they revisit later your website loads even quicker as the visitors browser will already have the static images etc and load them quickly from their local disk rather than having to download them each and every time.

The speed effect can be quite dramatic!

To get started we need to be in the Cache part of the Litespeed plugin.

Go ahead and click it.

This will take you into the Cache menu.

There are 8 sections.

To start with let’s go into the first section.

Click [1]Cache

You are now in the part you need to be.

Find the setting that is called Cache Mobile and switch it ON

Then scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes

Now you need to instruct Litespeed to tell your visitors browsers to cache your website static files.

You do this in section [7]Browser

Click on it and you will taken to the Browser cache settings.

Click ON and then Save Settings to turn them on.

You can leave the default cache time, the idea is static images don’t change so can be cached for long periods.

And that’s all you need to do for this step!

You now should while clicking around your website notice a marked increase in loading speeds.

But we’re not stopping there as there is much more that can be done easily through the Litespeed plugin.

There is more that can be done and all of it is positive!

Some further positives coming up are: –

Increase your page speed, gt metrix etc scores

Cache common database objects

So head on over to the next step HERE

To learn how to setup the Litespeed Cache Crawler!

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