How to speedup a WordPress Website – Part 5

Increasing Page Speed, GT Metrix etc Scores

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Setting Up The Litespeed Cache Crawler – (Step Four) — Setup Object Caching In Litespeed – (Step Six)

To be able to complete this step you must at the very least complete step one to install the Litespeed plugin into WordPress!

As this is part of a series of steps we recommend you move through the steps one by one to get the most benefit.

Litespeed cache plugin for WordPress is also capable of increasing your scores for the following: –

Lighthouse, GTmetrix, Google, Pingdom, bot, PTST, HeadlessChrome & More.

And again all with very little effort on your behalf!

While writing this we implemented the changes in this series of steps in speeding up WordPress on an actual customers live website.

Before we started they had a performance score of 78 for mobile.

This was using Page Speed at

Why not go and get your page speed score now so you can run a test after this step is complete to see the difference.

If you already got it prior to starting the steps we have given so far then you should already see an improvement on that!


After we completed all the previous steps and this one it jumped to 97 for mobile!

And 100% for desktop!

Simple steps for big rewards!

Carry on through the rest of the steps below to improve your score further!

To enable this all you have to do is head over to the Litespeed General settings page.

Then enable the two options shown.

And click Save Changes.


Once you have clicked save this option in conjunction with the crawler will now cache for guest access also.

This can take a while depending on the amount of pages across your site.

So give it an hour to make sure the litespeed cache crawler has gone through things then try your page speed score again!

You should see a marked improvement.

The next part is to tell Litespeed to cache objects to common and intensive database lookups.

You can read about this in part 6 HERE

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