Why Do I Need a Web Hosting Service?

To gain traction and visibility online, a business needs a digital presence.

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One of the easiest ways to get your business seen online is through your website. Every business owner has a choice to make as their website is developed – do you use shared web hosting or go for a dedicated plan?

According to the latest statistics, estimates have been made that there were 1.1 billion websites in July 2024, with 11.1 million websites registered under the domain code. There’s a great deal of choice for consumers looking to purchase online, which is why making your website stand out is essential to a strong digital brand reputation.


  • Why Do I Need a Web Hosting Service?
  • What is Shared Web Hosting?
  • Do I Need Dedicated Web Hosting Services?
  • How Pac Web Hosting Supports Your Business.

Why Do I Need a Web Hosting Service?

Your business website needs a secure and reliable ‘home’ where it can support your business as you grow and scale. A web hosting server is that home, a space where your site is located and maintained so that it works smoothly and efficiently for your visitors. 

In order for your site to go live and be visited by users, you need to access web hosting services. A web hosting service provider owns and manages the server and you rent space on that server. 

It’s likely that you will be offered either a web hosting service package that you will pay for either monthly or yearly, depending on your discussions with the web hosting provider. 

Some businesses try to limit costs by purchasing and running their own private server. This can be counterintuitive, as attempting to maintain a server can be both expensive and intensely time consuming. Servers require climate control, regular maintenance and sophisticated technical skills to operate at an efficient level. 

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is a popular option for many, particularly if a business is in its initial phases of development. This is because shared hosting is typically a little cheaper than dedicated hosting. If your business chooses shared web hosting, it’s likely that your site will share a server with other businesses.

Here are some advantages of shared web hosting:

  • It is usually the cheaper option for businesses.
  • It can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • If your business grows, most web hosting companies offer upgraded packages to suit your changing needs. 
  • Many providers offer intuitive control panels, such as a cPanel, so that set up is easier to manage. 

As your business grows, you may find that you no longer need to share a server with other companies and that you want to explore additional benefits and features which can be provided by a dedicated web hosting package.

This may be because you prefer the extra security a dedicated server can bring or that you require more room for your site to grow and develop. Your customer service teams may be advising you of customer feedback about your site which means you want to evolve it to the next level. 

Do I Need Dedicated Web Hosting Services?

You may have come to the conclusion that your business needs more from your web hosting service. There’s probably a host of reasons for this, such as the desire for your own server to scale your business further, or you might feel that confidential information held within your business requires an extra layer of security. 

If this is the case, then dedicated web hosting services are potentially the answer. A dedicated web hosting service provides you with your own complete server, rented from a web hosting provider, just for your site. 

Key advantages of a dedicated web hosting service:

  • Your site will have access to all of the resources on the server, without sharing these with others.
  • Your dedicated server provider will maintain and run your site so you can manage your business.
  • There is the potential to tailor your options to suit your business operations and the needs of your customers.
  • If you need to adapt and change your hosting services, there’s room to be agile.
  • You will benefit from greater levels of security, which is important if your business holds confidential or sensitive data.

How Pac Web Hosting Supports Your Business

Fortunately, we offer both shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. So with us, you get to choose the right package for your business. 

Our shared web hosting service

Defined by unparalleled speed and efficiency, PAC shared web hosting helps you unlock a seamless online presence and robust support, with lightning-fast hosting solutions. 

Our fully featured UK cPanel hosting plans are suitable for all business types and are optimised for WordPress hosting. They also come with free SSL certificates to ensure secure hosting. Plus, yearly plans also include a complimentary domain name registration or transfer.

PAC dedicated web hosting services

Ensuring instant security and stability, VPS Hosting UK provides your customers with a safe and robust environment for their confidential information. In addition, Imunify 360 provides peace of mind with Antivirus, Firewall, WAF and a PHP security layer.

With CloudLinux OS, your server stability and security are improved by isolating each customer and your site is fully managed and supported around the clock. 


To find your perfect web hosting solution, explore our web hosting plans or contact our friendly team of experts for a chat.